When dealing with civil litigation,, whether it be as an entity, business or individual, the best course of action is to find yourself the right litigation lawyer in Johannesburg, or other parts of the country, to defend you efficiently.

An entity is an organisation, and one of the above-mentioned parties,  which has been created by one or more individuals who will carry out a specific trade, such as a corporation, partnership or limited liability company, to name a few.

You will know that you have entered into a civil litigation case when the dispute is private, meaning that it is between the above-mentioned parties, not including any public official or organisation, which is not viewed by the law as being criminal.

What this means is that if you are dealing with a case such as property disputes, defined as when there is an issue between parties on the basis of real property, that which cannot be moved, then you will be able to use a firm such as Simpson Incorporated in your civil litigation.

Another case would be landlord disputes, such as if you, the tenant, feels as if the landlord is not providing the correct maintenance and support of the entire apartment complex, or your own apartment specifically.

Personal injury disputes also fall under civil litigation as this would mean that you feel that you were injured in a space where the correct precautions were not taken,

Business Litigation

Business litigation is its own separate focus, with different cases, where the most common form of business litigation is between separate businesses, a well as inside of a business.

With there being a lot of competition in and between businesses, the focus has always been to ensure that equality and fair practice is kept. If there appears to be an infringement on such, a litigation lawyer will step in to analyse the details and see if you or your business has a case against the opposing party.

Unfair competition is one of the claims when dealing with business litigation, which is defined as a business ensuring that they are essentially the only business getting clients or customers by putting other businesses in a position where they are unable to market or advertise in a way which attracts clients or customers.

Another claim is if a business commits fraud, which means that they are moving money in a way which is making it appear as if the books are alright, however, the truth is that individuals are taking money from clients and not accounting for where it is.

Litigation lawyers in Johannesburg, or other parts of South Africa, will be called in if there is also a dispute in terms of an infringement on trademarks or other types of copyright issues, where a business is using specific logos or copyrighted material which is either not theirs, or they are not paying for the right to use it.

Defamation, either of another business or of an individual,  is also another case which will require a litigation lawyer, which means that a business or individual feels as if their character has been wrongly questioned, by another business, with evidence to support the fact that the other party is trying to taint their character, which could result in potential business opportunities and therefore monetary gain.

Finally, something which litigation lawyers, including those at Simpson Incorporated, will look at is any breach of contracts, which can be either if a business or individual has not kept their end of the deal, with what they agreed would be their commitment, or if an individual or business feels that a break of contract claim against them is unjust.

Business litigation also includes, between companies and suppliers, between a company and debtors, between directors of a company, and between shareholders.

All cases need to be just, in order for litigation lawyers to ensure that their clients are able to receive any compensation for damages incurred.

Commercial Litigation

In terms of commercial litigation, if you are a contractor, employee, entrepreneur or employer, this type of case is generally unavoidable in the market today.

The reason for this is that there is always a dispute between parties, whether or not it is just, and if opposing lawyers can find loopholes or any clauses which were not fully expressed.

Both parties will have litigation lawyers who will look at disputes such as corporate contracts, analysing the terms to see if something was not fully expressed, certain things were not added or if the contract itself is not up to the correct standard.

Other cases include hiring practices, looking at if the way in which individuals were hired was fair, with information on the tasks at hand, and if the business doing the hiring made the potential position was advertised to all people, not select individuals.

Finally, a case in terms of the manufacturing and sale of goods which will be sold to consumers is a case which Simpson Incorporated will be able to look into, finding out whether the goods were made to the correct regulations and standards.


Simpson Incorporated provides litigation not only in terms of the actual handling of the case but in a way where they believe that their support and explanation of each and every stage is what will help you.

Cases and claims are never easy and knowing that you have a litigation lawyer in Johannesburg who will help you throughout the entire legal dispute case are not only reassuring, but it is also a testament to the dedication of the firm itself.


When looking at dispositions, the focus will be on ensuring that the proper due diligence was followed, which allows you to make the right choices in terms of finding all of the necessary information which will help you stake your claim.

Above this, Simpson Incorporated will do the right background checks, looking at all of the individuals who claim that they have evidence against you, or even on behalf of you.

This is done in order to prevent any negativity or underlying secrets from being used against the witnesses or anyone involved in your defence.


Your litigation lawyer will also undertake the responsibility of doing interviews with each and every witness. The reason for this is that they want to make sure that these individuals are not lying or falsifying any of their own claims, be it for monetary gain, or other kinds of gain.

Witnesses can destroy an entire case and if it is found that they are lying, or simply connecting things that aren’t connected at all, then this can ruin your, or the business’s defence.


Legal strategy consulting is the process whereby a lawyer will discuss certain areas of a case, or simply talking about which steps a business must take, or how they must go about things, in order to keep their own processes legal.

This advice is generally very welcomed as having a legal consultant discuss everything going on in your business, will ensure that there is very limited space for any claims to be made against you or your business.


Data analysis is an important part of litigation lawyer’s jobs, simply because of the fact that almost all businesses have gone digital, which means that there is a lot of information which has been stored.

Data mining is one aspect of the analysis process, where lawyers will look to find patterns, correlations or anomalies in the data itself, in order to draw a life span of before the event took place, during the event and after the event.

After finding the right data lifespan, a compilation will be made of the data which helps to paint a picture for the case at hand.

After this, the data will be analysed, with many hours of work going into this process,  which will draw conclusions and explanations on the factual evidence at hand.


Another facet of being a litigation lawyer is the task of preparing exhibits, as we have seen in movies and television, “Exhibit A and Exhibit B”, which is the actual final product of all of the evidence, the data which has been analysis, including both damage and risk analysis..

Which is basically an explanation of what exactly happened, what damage was caused and how this damage impacted the life or lives of individuals.


Here at Simpson Incorporated, we also provide divorce attorneys for you, who will be able to help you with regards to all forms of divorce matters, making it as streamlined and as relaxed a procedure as it can be.

Of course, divorce is not an easy thing to go through, however, our lawyers are competent in understanding that sometimes these things happen and if both parties can leave in a way which is favourable then this course of action can be taken.

Simpson Incorporated will help you get the best deal for you, ensuring that you understand each and every stage of the divorce process, going through what you can get out of it and what you won’t be able to.


When it comes to divorce, there is always an issue with cases relating to the family, who will get what and where the children will be living.

Divorce attorneys will be involved in this process and have the integrity to do what is best for both parties, as well as the children themselves.

It is not as much about the money coming in as it is about making sure that no one will have their lives ruined, with no chance of living a happy life.

The benefit of using Simpson Incorporated is that you will be able to hire a divorce attorney as well as a litigation lawyer for all matters which you need legal support for.


In terms of civil litigation, when contract disputes are brought up, there needs to be a litigation lawyer who will be able to look at the contract, ensuring that there are no holes if there are none, and who will be able to defend you and your business against the claims.

Be sure to contact Simpson Incorporated for more information if there are any claims against you and your business in terms of contracts.


As mentioned above, there are issues between landlords and tenants which cannot be handled between the parties, requiring the need for a litigation lawyer.

This individual will look at both sides to see who is in the wrong and who is in the right, or if both parties are not entirely wrong or right, which will help to come to a common ground and understanding, helping to settle the situation.


Finally, when looking at property disputes, the issue will always be in terms of who owns the property and what the contract states, where the lawyer will look at all of the information in order to come up with the best solution.

In some cases, those living in the property will be given a time limit to leave the premises and find a new place to live, however, there have also been cases where the owner will have to allow those staying in the space,  including neighbours, to stay in their location, with there being no way to remove them.


If you are looking for high-quality legal support for litigation and divorce cases, contact Simpson Incorporated today for more information on how we can help you.

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