When you marry in South Africa and you decide to conclude a marriage contract before you marry, you have two options available to you. You can elect to include the operation of the accrual system as provided for in the Matrimonial Property Act. In essence, if you do so, both spouses continue to own all their assets acquired before the marriage and any assets acquired by them individually after the wedding. In addition, antenuptial contract excluding accrual system ensures they are not liable for each other’s debts, whether incurred before or after the marriage.

It may seem complicated, but Simpson Incorporated has 30 years of expertise to explain the prenup and ensure you fully understand its implications. We will consider your situation and advise whether an antenuptial contract excluding the accrual system best serves your circumstances.

Simpson Incorporated offers a full range of legal services relating to marriage contracts, including marriage in community of property, antenuptial contracts including the accrual system, and antenuptial contracts excluding accrual.

Simpson Incorporated charge a fee of R1200 plus VAT and Deeds Office fee for the preparation, execution, and registration of your antenuptial contract.

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