antenuptial contracts including the accrual system

When you marry in South Africa and you decide to conclude a marriage contracts before you marry, you have two options available to you, but best believe we will provide you with the best Antenuptial contracts In Johannesburg.

You can elect to include the operation of the accrual system as provided for in the Matrimonial Property Act. Antenuptial contracts include the accrual system offers you the option to exclude certain assets from your estate at the termination of your marriage, either by divorce or death. You can also insert your value in rand terms in the contract.

When the marriage ends, your estate is valued in rand terms. Then your excluded assets and rand commencement value (adjusted to present-day value applying the consumer price index) are deducted from your end value. This calculation is done for both spouses. The amount so calculated is known as your accrual.

The party whose estate shows a more significant accrual must give half of the difference to the party that shows a smaller or no accrual.

It may seem complicated, but Simpson Incorporated has 30 years of expertise to explain the prenup and ensure you fully understand its implications. We will consider your situation and advise whether an antenuptial contract including the accrual system best serves your circumstances.

Simpson Incorporated charge a fee of R995 plus VAT and Deeds Office fee for the preparation, execution, and registration of your antenuptial contracts in Johannesburg.

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